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Art Accomplished

With almost 40 years of experience combined, Lorraine Peigne and Nichole Kesler are art consultants who believe that artwork ELEVATES THE SPACE and is the FINISHING TOUCH.

They see the artwork selection process through from beginning to end – from tailoring the art concept to managing the art installation. They have worked on projects of all scopes - from 1 piece of art to 2500 pieces of art, all with varying budgets. With each project they make sure the artwork is coordinated and cohesive, adds depth and dimension, and CREATES INTEREST in the space aesthetically.

Consulting Services:

  • Determine the direction of the project (i.e. design, theme, color palette, and budget)
  • Site Visits
  • Determine layout and quantities needed
  • Compile and present ideas for artwork and framing that work within the budget and parameters
  • Collaborate with the client and make final selections
  • Determine sizes and final placement
  • Submit a final package for approval
  • Oversee the artwork installation

From the vast collection of artists and publishers that they work with, Art Accomplished has extensive resources to sculpt and create a custom art package. Vintage or modern, classic or contemporary, they will provide artwork that suits your needs.

Whether it is a corporate, government, healthcare, hospitality, or residential project, artwork is the piece of the project that COMPLETES THE ROOM and TIES EVERYTHING TOGETHER.

Art Accomplished.